Dirt Dames Bikinis

The Boss Lady

I am wife to an off-road racer named Dj. And mother to an amazing son, Gunnar. I am a stay at home mom, who runs Dirt Dames AND our newest addition, Little Dukes & Dames Children's Apparel, full time! I hand pick the designers we carry, if they aren't made by me personally, and every sale, shipment and email goes through me first! So you will always be guaranteed the BEST in customer service. And yes, I am the girl you saw on Botched and Confessions of A Pretty Face! <3 

Small Beginnings

Dirt Dames was created in September 2012, while at The Mint 400 Contingency. When a search for something fun & feminine came up empty handed, we decided to do something about it! I felt that the race wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, spectators, etc probably felt the same way! So we decided to create a business selling all our favorite products, and cater to the Off-Road Community! I quickly noticed MANY of these women had a HARD time finding CUTE bikini tops that were large enough to cover their breasts and cute at the same time.  So it became a mission of mine to help them all out, and here we are!  After learning the industry, I have taught myself to sew and am now making custom swimwear catering to many models, celebrities & agencies including Diamond Dolls Ink!  Our swimwear has been on many STUNNING models, and published in several tattoo magazines! 

dirt  [durt]   ​ any foul or filthy substance, as mud, grime, dust, or excrement. Earth or soil, especially when loose.
dame   [deym]   a form of address to any woman of rank or authority.​